The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox (2013)

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Comedy, Horror
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“Funny, cheeky, sexy and ridiculous…”

Accidental Demon Slayer

I stumbled across this book during a browse through the free section but in truth I would not have minded paying for it.  Unlike most freebies, this is not a novella but a full size novel with enough room for character development, plot twists and lots of humour.

Lizzie Brown is an ordinary modern woman, fresh into her thirties, teaching at a primary school.  Her well-to-do life is turned into a bizarre adventure when her long lost grandmother pulls up on a motorcycle and tells her she is destined to save the world from a powerful demon.  Guided by her grandmother’s coven of biker witches, protected by a shape-shifting griffin and supported by her talking Jack Russel, Lizzie must learn to use her formidable powers to overcome the forces of darkness.

Although the romantic side of the story may be directed more at a female audience there are enough action scenes, plot turns and funny jokes to entertain any reader.  I’d recommend this if you enjoyed shows like Buffy or Charmed but even if you didn’t there is enough to keep most horror-fantasy fans going.

While the word use is very colloquial and sometimes just a little clumsy it is fairly deliberate and generally suits the story.  Some parts of the character dialogue and development seemed a bit rushed too but not to a point that ruins the whole book.  On the whole it seems that Fox was writing the kind of story she’d like to read rather than fill a genre market-gap or follow a formula.

The Accidental Demon Slayer certainly does not hold back too much on gore, language or indeed sex. For this reason, despite its somewhat jovial look at the supernatural I would say that only adult readers should buy this book.

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