Magic Of Thieves by C. Greenwood (2012)

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Fantasy
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“Fantasy Without The Usual Suspects”


Magic Of Thieves is the first in the Legends Of Dimmingwood series. It chronicles in first person the life of Ilan, a young girl whose village was destroyed by royal soldiers. Fleeing after seeing both her parents murdered for witchcraft she finds herself taken in by bandits and starting a new life under the vast shadow of Dimmingwood.  Unlike most fantasy settings, Dimmingwood has none of the usual elves, goblins, or dragons which is frankly a refreshing change.  Despite the elven-looking cover art, Ilan herself is in fact human, although obviously from some kind of shrouded ancestry.

It is only a short read and is probably best suited to teenagers and young adults rather than children. The use of language is fairly stocky and robust like the setting itself but that is not a poor reflection on the author. We are introduced to a gritty unforgiving world so Magic Of Thieves needs little in the way poetic flourish.  The writing is direct but not at all clumsy.

As an overall story Magic Of Thieves can seem a little unstructured. There are no overwhelming morals or plot twists in this first installment, it merely sets the scene. Ilan is rather flawed as a main protaginist. She is selfish and immature in many ways but I have the feeling she will settle and find her place in the world later in the series.   It’s a case of bearing with her for now because at some point she’ll come through for you.

I’d recommend this story and this series to anyone over 13 if you like fantasy but are perhaps sick of orcs, elves & dwarves.

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